Friday, December 19, 2008

Bring non-profit fundraising to Twitter

We launched an exciting new feature on Tipjoy yesterday. We already made it easy for Tipjoy users to pay via twitter.

We just came out with a new widget that let's new users signup and tweet a payment.

This has been an effort with @wellwishes for a very good cause. Laura Fitton is trying to get her 12,500 followers to donate $2 to help bring clean water to people in need. Tipjoy and Betaworks will match up to $10K.

You can help by going to her blog post or using the widget below. If you already have a Tipjoy account without a Twitter account hooked in, you should login first.

Just put in your twitter credentials, confirm an amount, and then follow through via PayPal. This will tweet a message that your followers can see to join the effort. This kind of viral microdonation engine is very exciting.

You can also help by posting the widget to your own blog. Here is the code for it:
<script language="javascript" src=""></script>

If you'd like to run a similar campaign, you can use this widget with different parameterers. We'll make this available on our widgets page soon, but here are the parameters:
- twitterUsername, in this case it is wellwishes
- message, which sets the message at the top of the widget
- extraTWeet, will be appended to the twitter message after "p$2 @username". You should include the reason and a link

So if you want to give @wbur some cash, titled "help support WBUR" with the tweet saying "p$2 @wbur to show how to be like @wellwishes", the widget code would be:
<script language="javascript" src="" ></script>

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tip via Twitter

Tipjoy is happy to announce even tighter integration with Twitter.

You can now initiate payments via twitter. For example, tweeting "p @ev $1 because twitter is fun" would send $1 from your Tipjoy account to @ev.

'p' is like 'd' but for payment, not direct messages - get it?

This is an opt-in feature. To try it out, add your twitter username and password in the tipjoy settings page and click the checkbox to opt-in:

Then start tweeting.

We'll count anything that has an @username, dollar amount, and a
payment keyword in the first three words in any order. So "p @ev $1"
and "@ev pay $1" both work.

The payment keywords are 'tipjoy', 'tip', 'pay', 'give', 'rtip', and
'p'. Case doesn't matter, so 'give', 'GIVE', and 'giVE' all work.

What is 'rtip'? It's a retweet and a tip. If you really like a tweet,
retweet it and send the author some love.

For example, @badbanana just tweeted
"My will to live is somewhere in that coffee pot."

Such hilarity certainly deserves a dollar in my book, so I just tweeted
"rtip $1 @badbanana My will to live is somewhere in that coffee pot."