Friday, October 24, 2008

Tipjoy starts giving out gold stars

We all enjoyed receiving those precious gold stars for good work in
grade school.

We at Tipjoy liked them so much that we started handing them out. If
you've ever followed through and paid your tips, you're a "verified" tipjoy user. You'll find a gold star next to your username when it appears on Tipjoy.

As an example, you can see quite a few verified tipjoy users at our popular tips page.

Now's your chance to get a head start on the forthcoming tipjoy leaderboard. Want a gold star? Sure you do! Visit tipjoy and pay your bill today.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

recent updates to tipjoy: tip amount now customizable

The old way: a click on a tip button was always 10¢ unless the user went to their settings and changed it to another amount.

The new way: people creating new Tipjoy buttons can set the amount they want the click to be worth. The user-defined default setting has been removed.

We did this in response to the large demand from site owners to change the amount they receive from each person. Many, many users wanted to ask for more money. Meanwhile only a very small number of active users changed their default tip value setting.

All buttons made using the old system will not change. They will continue to be 10¢ per tip click.

New sites can choose to change the amount to anything less than $25 and at least a penny. The amount will be displayed in the widget, right by the button.

Furthermore, all Tipjoy buttons on are now set to 25¢, up from the previous default of 10¢.

As always, let us know what you think.