Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Announcing The New Platform API

We're very happy to announce a new service at Tipjoy. It's called the Platform API and it makes is easy for sites that host content to split tips with content creators.

This is really exciting because it means more of the great content online will be tippable. Both the content creators and the hosts directly benefit from the support of fans of the content.

The Platform API is in closed beta, and you'll find an application here.

We have some excellent partners doing some initial testing of the service. They include Disqus, Weebly, bug.gd, OurDoings, iJigg.

We'll be showcasing each of these services and how they'll use Tipjoy.

But to give you an idea of why our partners are excited, here is Matthew, co-founder of bug.gd:
For us over at bug.gd — this is really a handy concept. We thrive off of users contributing their findings back to the community.

Over the years, it’s always struck me as odd that there hasn’t been an easy way online of showing one’s token of gratitude to those who saved you lots of time. Now sites can build that plumbing into their communities without much hassle at all.

Whether it's coders helping each other out or reading a hilarious blog post, giving back has never been easier.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some recent updates to Tipjoy

It's always busy at Tipjoy HQ. We're always working to add new features to the service.

Early on, we made a bookmarklet that lets you tip any page while you're on it, even if they don't have a Tipjoy button. Lots of people still don't know this. So check it out here.

We've worked on how we showcase content on Tipjoy. We want to highlight all that great stuff:

- Featured sites that have started using Tipjoy

- The most popular sites that have made the most money

- The 'Just Tipped' page, which lists the newest and hottest content

We're working to make Tipjoy more social. One aspect of this is making tipping public. You can see everyone that has tipped Rescue Time (a service I obsessively use). You can also see everything a single user has tipped. Here is my stream.

You can set your tips to be public on your settings page.

We've also syndicated most of these pages with RSS. Just click on the RSS icon where ever you see it:

Finally, we've incorporated Disqus to power comments on Tipjoy. I think we can even take this a step further by feeding too and from comment streams on sites that use Disqus. I hear they're working on something to support this.

Ohh, and you can follow us on twitter here to get more updates. I have a pretty exciting idea of how to integrate Tipjoy with Twitter. It'll be chocolate & peanut butter or gin & tonic. Look for it soon.